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Extraterrestrial Civilizations Visited The Earth In The Distant Past, The Evidence Is Here

Extraterrestrial civilization visited the Earth in the distant past and there is evidence all around us It isn't a question anymore, if ancient man was visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings in the distant past. A great amount of evidence has been gathered that proves that in the distant past, human beings were visited by beings from another planet. These visitors were misinterpreted by our ancestor as "Gods", because our ancestor did not understand technology as we do today. Almost all ancient civilizations that have been studied by researchers and archaeologists point to "myths" and texts of "divine" beings that came from the stars and got involved, in one way or another, with ancient humans on Earth. Ancient Aztecs, Mayas, Incas, and many other ancient civilization make reference to "otherworldly" beings that descended from the sky, 
considered as divine, since ancient man, did not have the knowledge to explain in another way, these mysterious visitations. Ancient texts from the Bible are perhaps the best evidence that point to the existence of "otherworldly" beings in the remote past of human history. The myths of creation, the mysterious light that guided the Israelites on the long journey through the desert, the description of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the union of children of the Gods with daughters of men, the power of the Ark of the Covenant and the trip to "heaven" of Elijah and Enoch are just some of the many biblical stories that involve divine beings who come from the skies, incredible technology of the past that was considered by ancient man as being "heavenly" or "divine". In addition to the biblical texts, we can add other stories of different cultures such as the Mahabharata of India where a War between the gods was described. Another incredible item which seems to resemble a mask, a breathing apparatus and suit. Very similar to modern-day divers and astronauts. Since the beginning of time, humanity has always had intervention of unknown forces, "Gods", "messengers", "angels" and other beings that, however you put it, are not from our planet, and thus are of extraterrestrial origin. This contact is reflected in ancient texts such as the Bible and the Mahabharata. Translating these ancient texts today, points to the fact of the existence of "supernatural" beings with incredible technology. Today, if we were to witness a UFO landing, and a being existing the vehicle, we would surely know that it is a being not from Earth, an extraterrestrial. We would probably understand that kind technology and know that it originated from elsewhere. Humans can travel to space, land on Moons and we even have our very own "alien" robots on planets like Mars. But imagine if ancient man were to witness a UFO landing 5000 or 10000 years ago! How would ancient man interpret that moment? Since the difference of technology is so great, ancient man would have interpreted that being and that vehicle as "divine" and would characterize that being as "God" because that being can do something that humans at that point in history could not.

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