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Avi Loeb, an astronomer from Harvard, has been suggesting for a long time that the interstellar object 'Oumuamua, which visited our solar system in 2017, could be an alien spacecraft. In a 2021 paper, Loeb argued that 'Oumuamua might have been a probe sent by an extraterrestrial civilization, which has caused division among his peers.

Recently, an international team of researchers led by Shangfei Liu, an astronomer at Sun Yat-sen University in Zhuhai, China, tried to debunk one of the core aspects of Loeb's argument - that 'Oumuamua was a solar sail. However, Loeb disagrees with their conclusion, stating that the sail could have been a different shape, reflecting light in unexpected ways.

Loeb also suggested that 'Oumuamua might not be a sail at all, but rather a piece of alien spacecraft detritus that just happened to pass through our star system. While it's rare to encounter an interstellar object like 'Oumuamua, Shangfei and his colleagues argue that with highly accurate observation data in the future, the mystery could finally be solved.


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